2020 Surrey Schools: SSD Safe Schools/WRAP Around Emergency Fund

2020 Surrey Schools: SSD Safe Schools/WRAP Around Emergency Fund

Safe Schools/WRAP Around Emergency Fund  $10,000

The Surrey School District’s Safe Schools department currently has over 80 students on their case load who are highly vulnerable and at-risk for a multitude of reasons. Since its inception in December of 1998, Safe Schools has been a provincial, national and international leader in the development and implementation of many unique, evidence-based, highly successful and comprehensive prevention and intervention programs aimed at enhancing student and staff safety. One such program is the Wraparound Program (WRAP) developed in partnership with the RCMP and the City of Surrey. The program’s objective is to positively attach highly at risk youth to school, their community and the home by building a trusting and positive relationship.

Students connected to WRAP often face a multitude of challenges at home, at school and in the community. This Emergency Fund will allow us to continue supporting WRAP students who are lacking in warm clothes, food for the weekend and holidays, extracurricular fees, money to pay utility bills, money for supplies and equipment.

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