Students raise $11,400 for hungry children selling cupcakes

Students raise $11,400 for hungry children selling cupcakes

The mothers of Jessica Atkinson and Anna Julia Rogo must have thought they had seen the last of the cupcakes after their eight-yearolds sold 55 home-baked ones to raise money for The Vancouver Sun’s Adopt-A-School campaign.

This netted $298.80 in bills and loose coins, which the two York House School students carried into The Vancouver Sun newsroom last month.

The story of how they sold the cupcakes – standing on a soccer field at UBC telling passersby they were raising money to feed hungry schoolchildren – touched Peter Young, an owner of Top Ten Regalia and a major supporter of Adopt-A-School.

These two kids are my heroes. I mean, how old are they? Eight?” Young phoned the girls and promised that if they would carry on the good work he would donate $20 for every cupcake they sold until Christmas to a limit of 500.

He asked if they knew how much that might raise.

No, they said, but it sounded like a lot of money.

It also sounded like a lot of cupcakes and a lot of work for someone.

I thought their parents would kill me for making the offer,” Young said before he met the two girls and their mothers at his premises on S.E. Marine Drive Friday for a reckoning of accounts.

But the moms, Juliana Kozak Rogo and Carolyn Atkinson, were serene. Fortunately, they knew one of the owners of Stuart’s Bakery on Granville Island and – given the industrial size of the offer – had gone there for help.

The bakery, getting into the spirit of things, gave them a heavy discount on the price.

Just as well, because the two girls easily blew by the 500 mark and came in with receipts showing sales of 714.

The Cupcake Blitz landed mostly on York House, with the girls visiting every classroom to give a short speech on the numbers of B.C. children arriving at school each day hungry.

Their two teachers, Carly Trinder and Oliver Leclair, deserve a lot of credit as they took time out of their classrooms to make it happen,” said Carolyn Atkinson, who also sold some to family and friends as did her friend, Juliana.

All told, Jessica and Anna have raised $11,400 and have asked that it be given to a school in need of food for hungry students.

I can’t say how much I admire these two girls and their families for what they have done,” said Young, who has donated approximately $200,000 to Adopt-A-School since it began five years ago.

The number of people they must have reached is amazing. I want to partner with them again next year.

What the two mums thought of that, they kept to themselves.

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