Donors’ amazing generosity hits $500,000 milestone

Donors’ amazing generosity hits $500,000 milestone

When we kicked off our 10th annual Adopt-a-School fundraising campaign in November, we were hopeful that Vancouver Sun readers would once again open their hearts — and their wallets — and donate to The Vancouver Sun Children’s Fund project that began in 2011 as a means to provide food security and other basic necessities to B.C. school children.

And, once again, readers have not let us down.

We have been busy processing hundreds of donations, along with dozens of grant applications from schools, and are pleased — and very grateful — to report that we have raised $500,000 in the first month (the quickest we have hit this milestone).

But it is clear to us, especially during these unusual times, that the need is more critical than ever.  We have already received requests for more than $1 million in funding, from public schools all over the province to provide breakfast and lunch programs, as well as basic requirements such as warm clothing and supplies, for the students who are suffering most.

We thank you for helping us achieve our goal of ensuring that no school child goes hungry, or without the basics they need to get the best start in life.

Please help us spread the word by letting friends, family and colleagues know about Adopt-a-School.  Past articles can be read on our website ( and many of the over 100 projects that have applied for grants can be found at the bottom of our fundraising page (


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