Adopt-a-School: Tupper Secondary art sale benefits children in need

Adopt-a-School: Tupper Secondary art sale benefits children in need

More than 1,000 sumptuous pieces of art — photographic prints laminated on vinyl and mounted on boards ready to hang — will be on sale this weekend at Sir Charles Tupper Secondary.

Proceeds from the sale will be split between the Vancouver Sun’s Adopt-A-School campaign and the school’s arts program.

“These are beautiful prints and they will be sold well below their retail value,” said David McCann, who made them available.

McCann is the general manager of The Creekhouse on Granville Island and had owned The Creekhouse Gallery for 20 years. He received the prints from a dealer who wishes to remain anonymous, but who asked if he could arrange for them to be sold and the money given to charity.

“He wanted them to be sold for a good cause. I can’t think of anything better,” said McCann. “I’ve read The Sun’s stories about the thousands of children coming to school hungry every day and the need to feed them.

“I’m hopeful we can raise about $60,000.”

A number of the prints are triptychs — the image being spread over three separate sections — and some are quadriptychs, spread over four panels. The prints come in various sizes from small to extremely large, with some triptychs measuring 70 cm by 210 cm, which would spread across seven feet of wall.

They will be priced from $10 to $125.

The prints are vivid and rich in colour and will include Vancouver sights such as the Woodward’s Building, False Creek, B.C. Place, Stanley Park, the Steam Clock. There are pictures of the Grand Canyon, Venice, Rome and other foreign cities, abstract floral pictures, nature scenes, seascapes even cowboys.

“We have quite a mix of things. We will sell them at 50 per cent or lower than retail,” said McCann. “They will make a wall beautiful and I’d advise people looking for Christmas presents to come to the sale.”

There will also be hundreds of unframed prints that will sell for $5 to $10.

The sale will be held from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. next Saturday and Sunday [December 14th & 15th] in the school gym, the entrance being at 24th Avenue and St. George Street near the playing fields.

Teachers at Tupper are seeking a total of $30,000 from the Vancouver Sun’s Adopt-A-School campaign this year.  The money is needed to buy food for students coming to school hungry and without the means to pay for lunch or in need of clothing and other help.

This year, schools across the province are asking for almost $1 million from Adopt-A-School to relieve hardships they find in students caused by poverty, such as their being hungry or poorly clothed.

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