CABE, Coquitlam Alternative Basic Education Secondary: Vulnerable Youth

CABE, Coquitlam Alternative Basic Education Secondary: Vulnerable Youth



Many of CABE’s (Coquitlam Alternate Basic Education) students experience personal, academic and financial challenges that inhibit their ability to attend and be successful in a traditional school.

As the smallest secondary school in Coquitlam, CABE provides alternative educational options for 220 plus students who come from all parts of the Tri-Cities.

CABE is home to the district’s Teen Parent Program, which provides a full-service day care so students can participate in a combination of parent-related courses and standard curriculum requirements.

The school has applied for an Adopt-a-School grant of $48,500 to continue existing programs which provide necessary food, clothing, work skills certification, transportation and positive recreational choices for these vulnerable youth in addition to medicine, diapers and formula for babies.

$20,000 of the school’s grant request will be used to establish a program that will teach student’s practical skills they will need for independent living. Students will have access to a cooking kitchen and learn to shop within a budget and cook healthy meals from scratch for themselves and their families.


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