Grandview Elementary: Learning by Exploring

Grandview Elementary: Learning by Exploring



The purpose of this grant is to support the social emotional growth of the Grandview students. Unfortunately, our students do not have the same opportunities as other students in this district. We would like to support our students in the best possible ways.

Our goals include the following:
• Supporting students and families with food security and cooking programs
• Supporting social emotional development with exploration of the city and surrounding areas
• Learning social skills and teamwork though camping

These goals will have an impact on the learning process of the students. Food security is at the heart of meeting the social and academic needs of our students. A full stomach is important for students in their learning process.

Community learning and explorations are important components for youth development. The new curriculum promotes personal, social and civic core competencies with an emphasis on learning through exploration. Due to financial constraints, our student may not have access to the various field studies and learning opportunities offered in and around the Vancouver area. This grant would allow our students leaning opportunities outside of the classroom that could greatly assist in the development of the core competencies.

To understand culture and diversity, young minds need an opportunity to explore. Camp is a great place to learn about each other in a fun environment. There will be strong growth with our student body with the new initiative we hope to implement.

Camp: $2000
Camp is a wonderful place to learn about nature and our environment. Many of the Grandview families have a difficult time with funds for food let alone the cost of extra activities. Camp is one of those activities that might be missed due to the cost. We are hoping with support from Adopted A School
the students at Grandview can go to camp.

Food Security and Cooking Programs: $3000
Many of our families have a difficulty with having funds for food. Many times, it’s either paying the bills
or feeding the family and it’s becoming more difficult as the cost of living is increasing in our city. The school has a pantry that supports families with emergency food items. We also will purchase perishable items for families who needs extra help. The students and parents really enjoy the healthy cooking program that Grandview provides. In the past the “Let’s Cook Together” has been very successful with both the students and families.

Field Studies: $5000
Many Grandview students have never been to the beach or seen the ocean. There is much to be learn in exploration. Social emotional development, cultural and diversity learning, and academics all benefit from fieldtrips. We would like to use these funds for transit, admissions, and bus rentals.

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