Apply for Help

Are there children in your school in need?

If the answer is yes, then The Vancouver Sun Children’s Fund Adopt-A-School program wants to hear from you.

Are the students at your local school in need of food, clothing and/or learning tools? Our registered charity and its programs are designed to provide funds and other basic necessities for children in need, and we accept applications from schools and school boards throughout British Columbia.


Grants are awarded only to organizations that are recognized as “qualified donees” under the Canadian Income Tax Act (more information available here) and are restricted to projects benefiting children in the province of British Columbia.

The 2023/24 grant application can be found at:

APPLICATION DEADLINE:  October 15, 2023  We are still accepting applications!

A PDF of the grant application questions can be downloaded here: AAS 2023 Grant Questions.


Click Grant Report – to complete an interim or final report for your current grant

Click Grant Change Request – for an online form to request changes to your current grant’s project scope or duration (incorporates a report on funds used to date)

If your school is seeking a grant for a specific project and you would like to discuss it before completing the application, please contact us by email on or call 604-605-2264.