About the Children’s Fund

THE 2011 SCHOOL YEAR had barely begun at Admiral Seymour elementary when teacher Carrie Gelson, frustrated after a difficult day at work, wrote an impassioned open letter to Vancouver residents questioning whether anyone cared about her inner-city students who were coming to school with empty tummies and holes in their shoes.

On the day The Vancouver Sun published her letter, when she arrived at the East Vancouver school, “People had already dropped off thousands of dollars in cash by that time. They literally drove into work that morning bringing donations.”

So, we did what we do best. We told her story, introducing readers to her children. And because you do what you do best, you began donating money, clothing, school equipment and field trips.

Since we launched The Vancouver Sun Children’s Fund’s Adopt-a-School project five years ago AAS has raised almost $3 million in donations. With that funding, we have helped impoverished children get a better start in more than 100 schools throughout the region.

Here’s one reason why. At the first breakfast served at the first school we helped, a teacher pointed to a small child who was eating.

“That child there,” she said. “In all the time she’s been at this school I’ve never seen her smile, until now.”