2020 Vancouver Homework Club Society: Vancouver Homework Club @ Britannia

2020 Vancouver Homework Club Society: Vancouver Homework Club @ Britannia



Vancouver Homework Club @ Britannia  $5000

Homework Club runs at Britannia Secondary three nights each week (Monday, Tuesday & Thursday) from 3:00-6:30. Homework Club participants arrive on an as needed basis to work with tutors as with friends, usually in small groups, to complete class projects and assignments or to study for exams. The program strives to create an environment that is warm and welcoming, with an emphasis on belonging and community.

We provide hot meals and snacks, as well as sessions on Provincial Exam prep and how to access scholarships. Additionally, we award bursaries each year to students attending post-secondary school after graduation. The tutors, for the most part university students from University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University, provide expert tutoring in their subject areas and also serve as mentors to the Homework Club students.

Homework Club is ultimately a resource centre for students. In addition to our amazing people, we also provide access to computers, internet, free printing, school supplies, calculators, paints and presentation supplies for school projects, backpacks, textbooks and just about anything else students might need to be successful at school. Fresh fruit is available every night, along with water and juice, while on Tuesday and Thursday nights we provide hot, nutritious one-dish meals. We have an incentive program for regular attendance where students earn gift certificates to local coffee shops, where they can purchase lunch and snacks. As food security is a growing challenge in our neighborhood, this supply is accessed all too often.

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