2020 Lord Strathcona Elementary: Strathcona Inner City Support

2020 Lord Strathcona Elementary: Strathcona Inner City Support



Strathcona Inner City Support  $15,000

The Strathcona Elementary community is in the midst of challenging times in recent months and years. Our school supports many vulnerable students and families each year. This has been made even more complicated in recent months with the Covid-19 pandemic, the activities connected to the Strathcona Park encampment, and the direct and indirect impact on the surrounding community. There continues to be a tremendous need for:
-Emergency funds to support food security, health, clothing, direct student needs. ($10000)
-Enhancement Activities – These funds will be solely used to provide learning experiences that go beyond regular classroom activities and enhance the learning experience for our students. Outdoor learning opportunities will receive particular focus this year, given the restrictions of COVID 19. ($5000)

Emergency Funds and access to Programs which support Athletics, Arts, and Academic Support: Vital to our community is our ability to support families that find themselves struggling to meet basic needs for their children. We are able, with your support to provide short term assistance to them and then support families in building capacity in partnership with other agencies. These donations remove barriers. Emergency funds are used to support:
-Food security (grocery vouchers, school snacks)
-Bus tickets, lice kits, bed bug covers,
-Emergency needs: These needs included food, clothing, shoes, winter clothing, beds and linens for families moving into permanent housing from transition shelters, prescription costs for things like glasses, antibiotics….
-Holiday vouchers and gifts
-Food supplies for sharing pantry for families throughout the year.
-Rain ponchos, mittens, hats for field trips
-Reserved money for children who require clothing – rain boots, outerwear, warm clothing, sports gear
-Children’s registration costs for after school athletic programs, (basketball leagues, baseball league, swimming lessons,…) athletic equipment for students and registration for holiday safe camps and recreation programs in Spring, Winter and Summer.

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