2020 The KidSafe Project: School Break Programs

2020 The KidSafe Project: School Break Programs



KidSafe School Break Programs  $88,000

Given the extreme uncertainty that the future holds in the context of a worldwide pandemic, our programs could take many forms this coming fall through the spring. At the base level we have our regular year plan of winter, spring and summer break time programs, with after school programs running throughout the school year. We have, however, developed our capacity to be nimble and responsive so that if schools were to close again at some point this fall, we will be ready and able to respond in a way that’s as seamless as possible for our kids and their families.

Whether our programs are running only for breaks and after school times or continuously due to school closures, we will also be running additional food security programs to meet the increased demand due to the pandemic.

We are seeking continued support from Vancouver Sun Children’s Fund for our upcoming winter, spring and summer breaks. We kindly request your support to go towards our kids’ meals, program costs, Activity Leader salaries, KidSafe’s Compassion Fund, and Take Home Food for our kids and their families.

Winter Break, December 21st – 31st, 2020
$15,750 to cover the cost of each child’s lunch throughout the entirety of winter break.

Spring Break, March 15th – 26th, 2021
$22,250 to cover the cost of 14 Activity Leaders to staff KidSafe sites for the entirety of spring break.

Summer Break, July 5th – August 27th
$12,000 – Compassion Fund, $1000/site (approx. $25/child)
$24,000 – Program Costs ($2,000/site)
$14,000 – Take Home Food (Approximately $30/child)

TOTAL: $88,000

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