Shelley Fralic: An advocate for children in need

Shelley Fralic: An advocate for children in need

There are thousands of children in this province who have been fed, clothed and cherished because of the concern and compassion of Shelley Fralic, one of the instigators of the Vancouver Sun’s Adopt-a-School program.

She was not only involved in its inception in 2011 but worked tirelessly on The Vancouver Sun Children’s Fund board of directors — which administers AAS — to ensure that millions of dollars were sent to schools to feed children whose families, through no fault of their own, were struggling with poverty.

Her death, June 1, has removed an unstinting champion for impoverished children and families and the board of the Vancouver Sun Children’s Fund wishes to extend our condolences to Shelley’s family for their loss. It is our loss, too.


Shelley Fralic (second from right) helping at the Children’s Fund garage sale in the late 80s.    Shelley was involved with The Vancouver Sun Children’s Fund for forty years, supporting and championing children across British Columbia.



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