Tupper Nova: Emergency Funds for our Youth

Tupper Nova: Emergency Funds for our Youth



Tupper Nova (formerly Hamber House) is a Alternative program which provides services to youth aged 13-18 years who have serious mental health concerns and are unable to attend their neighbourhood school. A primary goal of the program is to assist each student in attaining a more adaptive level of functioning which will enable them to return to their neighbourhood school, an alternative program, special education program, other community programs or employment.  We are aware the immense struggles and barriers that frequently impact our students and their families daily. Often, our youth will present to school without eating and hydrating, consistently wearing the same clothing due to their clothes not suitable and appropriate to the climate.

The purpose of the Food/Clothing/Necessities is to have address the basic needs of our students throughout the 2019/2020 school year.

– Food would be used to help support the students when they arrive in the morning, and taking some groceries home to their families.

– Clothing such as Socks, Bra’s and Underwear would be used to support our students where necessary throughout the school year.

– Necessities such as Gift vouchers to various store throughout the community. Gift Certificates or funds of this nature would be the most beneficial useful, for we as a team are navigating high risk situations daily and therefore it alleviates stress and worry to know that we have funds to address problems immediately as they arise.

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