Mount Pleasant Elementary School | Vancouver

Mount Pleasant Elementary School | Vancouver



For some families at Mount Pleasant Elementary School, weekends, with no school meal programs, are especially hungry times. Help Mount Pleasant buy grocery cards so families don’t face the prospect of struggling through weekends with little or no food.

Teachers tell of kids so destabilized by hunger they hoard any food they see lying around or the small child who could have tumbled out of a page from Oliver Twist and came back five times one morning for more scrambled eggs.

That’s the true picture of need. And the rationale for The Vancouver Sun’s Adopt-A-School.

At Mount Pleasant Elementary weekends aren’t a fun time for some families, but a of desperate struggle to find food when schools are closed and there’s not even the prospect of a school breafkast to ensure children get some food.

Help us raise funds so the school can buy grocery cards to give out to the neediest families.

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