KidSafe Project Society: Winter, Spring and Summer Programs

KidSafe Project Society: Winter, Spring and Summer Programs



When schools close for spring, summer and winter breaks, the safety and support vulnerable children rely on from their schools and educators disappears, but these essential needs for a child’s success and well-being do not.

For many families the cost of day-care or break programs is cost prohibitive. That’s where KidSafe comes in.

By opening the doors of nine Vancouver inner-city schools over public school break periods, KidSafe provides 450 marginalized children with the safety and support they deserve. Each day these children are provided with free, accessible services, including a hot breakfast, lunch and snacks, as well as developmental activities and field trips.

Support and supervision is provided by a team of caring adults, child and youth support workers, teachers and principals. The team develops a program to meet each child’s individual needs.

Children in these programs are put on a path of educational success. They are supported in developing the self-confidence needed to become productive, engaged citizens.

KidSafe is applying for a $50,000 Adopt-a-School grant to cover its Winter, Spring and Summer Break programs.

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