Grandview Elementary: Learning by Exploring

Grandview Elementary: Learning by Exploring



Many students attending Grandview Elementary School in Vancouver come from low-income families where they do not have the same opportunities as other others in the district. The school is asking for $10,000 from Adopt-a-School to fund food security and extracurricular activities.

Food security and cooking – $3,000: This program is for families with limited incomes who often have to choose ¬†between paying the bills or feeding their children. Your generous donation will help fill a pantry of emergency food items for families in need. The school also provides a Let’s Cook Together program to help families make healthy meals.

Field studies and camp- $7,000: Many Grandview students have never been camping, to the beach or seen the ocean. Social emotional development, cultural and diversity learning, and academics all benefit from field trips. Funds will be used for camp costs, transit, admissions, and bus rentals.

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