Georgia Community School: Food Programs

Georgia Community School: Food Programs



Teachers at Georgia Ave. identify hunger as the number one barrier to students being ready to learn.

Our school is located in a highly vulnerable area of Nanaimo. Many of our children have multiple instances of trauma. Our 2017 EDI (Early
Developmental Instrument) indicated that 51 per cent of our students measured as highly vulnerable.

Feeding our students, healthy food and connecting with them over this process is crucial to supporting our students’ overall school success.

Data from the previous three years has shown that our food needs have drastically increased, this year. We are providing breakfast to 40 students daily (double last year), and lunches to 30 students daily (triple last year) daily.

More than half our student population (250) accesses snacks provided by the school daily. This is a huge demand for us to meet.

We are utilizing all community known resources available at this time and we are falling short.

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