Florence Nightingale Elementary: Outdoor Education

Florence Nightingale Elementary: Outdoor Education



In an effort to provide needy students the same camp opportunity as other classmates enjoy, Florence Nightingale Elementary School in Vancouver is asking for financial support so that its needier students can participate in important programs like Camp Squeah in Hope.

A three-day bi-annual event, Camp Squeah’s focus on outdoor education gives children the opportunity to connect physical activity with personal and social development. The camp offers a variety of activities that help foster positive relationships through team-building exercises. Participation in activities like canoeing, rock climbing, archery and rope courses is paramount in helping children learn leadership, decision making and various life skills.

Nightingale has applied for an Adopt-a-School grant of $10,410 to send 27 financially constrained Grade 6  and 7 students to Camp Squeah. For many students, this opportunity will be their only camp experience.

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