2020 Vinery Program: Food and Clothing

2020 Vinery Program: Food and Clothing



Food and Clothing  $3,500

The Vinery Alternative program supports approximately  15 indigenous and non-indigenous students aged between 13-16 years old from all over Vancouver. Our program culture is positive, affirming and passionate and aims to serve this resilient population of students who have complex issues and needs. Due to the complexity of our students’ needs and issues, the team have been creatively resourceful and realistic in what we can offer our youth, particularly with their day-to-day stressors around their basic needs (Food/Clothing/Necessities). For example, we are aware of the immense struggles and barriers that frequently impact our students and their families daily. Often, our youth will present to school without having eaten.  They are also often  wearing the same clothing from day to day and often their clothing is not suitable and appropriate to the climate.

The purpose of the Food/Clothing/Necessities is to address the basic needs of our students throughout the 2020/2021 school year.

  • Food would be used to help support the students when they arrive in the morning, and providing some groceries home to their families, as needed.
  • Kitchen tools such as a blender, popcorn machine, hot plate, etc would allow staff to prepare food for students at school
  • Outdoor clothing such as umbrellas, rain jackets, and boots would be used to support our students where necessary so that we can continue to hold programming outdoors (per COVID-19 protocols) year-round throughout the school year.

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