2020 Uplands Park Elementary: Food Program & Clothing

2020 Uplands Park Elementary: Food Program & Clothing



Food Program & Clothing  $3,600

Uplands exists in a very transient area and as such, provides breakfast, lunch, and snacks to students in need. This need continues to grow every year at our school. Of our 318 students, over 10 percent state that access to food is a daily concern. Many parents I work with express worry about providing food for their children on an ongoing basis.

Breakfast will be available for students to pick up and eat outside before school. Some students will have a soft start breakfast with an Educational Assistant. Snacks and lunches will be provided to each class and left in the office for students to pick up.

Many students are experiencing higher levels of anxiety, depression, stress and dysregulation during COVID 19. Students cannot share regulation and calming tools at this time. $500 would be earmarked for individual calming and regulating toolboxes made specifically with each student and provided to them in their classroom.

Additionally, there is a desperate need for shoes for our most vulnerable students. Without proper foot attire, these children are not able to fully participate in sports in and outside of school. Having shoes that don’t fit affects their ability to focus and participate in their studies. Teachers and the Child Youth worker will identify students who need shoes or students will self identify. The CYC worker will meet with the family and buy shoes together.

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