2020 Stoney Creek Community School: Primary Literacy

2020 Stoney Creek Community School: Primary Literacy



Primary Literacy  $10,000

We are looking to start a primary reading resource library so that primary teachers are in a better position to meet the diverse needs of their learners in the primary grades. Right now, teachers are pulling from a wide variety of materials and not using a coherent and consistent program across the primary classes. We are looking to use this grant money to purchase a program, as well as additional books for students to provide a more consistent approach to literacy in the primary grades -this would help allow teachers to provide a more balanced literacy program.

We are looking to start by purchasing Scholastic Literacy Place Plus as a starting point. We anticipate also needing to purchase additional books to put in the hands of kids. We have been having ongoing conversations about this for a year and have arrived at this as our best approach and are now seeking the funds to do it. We worked with our District Literacy consultant for the past two years on this project. Teachers have also be part of book clubs and professional development on the topic.

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