2020 Saint James Music Academy: Daily Nutrition Program

2020 Saint James Music Academy: Daily Nutrition Program



Daily Nutrition Program  $15,200

Saint James Music Academy (SJMA) is a non-profit program dedicated to vulnerable children and youth living in the Downtown Eastside community. Since 1997 we have provided a free afterschool music program to area youth. We use the power and joy of music to build a child’s self-esteem, improve their intellectual and fine motor skills, and deepen their ties with others.

We work specifically with at-risk children who live in Canada’s poorest urban neighbourhood. We maintain close partnerships with Admiral Seymour, Strathcona, and Britannia public schools and enjoy the highest commendation from teachers and administrators at these schools.

With adaptations for Covid-19, our enrollments are currently 165 this Fall. The Daily Nutrition Program is integral to our mission and overall program goals. At present our projection for outcomes are the provision of 10,200 meals for children for the academic year Sept-June.

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