2020 King George Secondary: Equity of Access – Technology

2020 King George Secondary: Equity of Access – Technology



Equity of Access РTechnology  $20,000

New this year, RISE Blocks – providing support for our most vulnerable learners. We need 16 laptops and a charging cart to make the support work properly during a Pandemic.

Additional technological capacity is needed in our RISE Room (student support centre) to ensure equitable accessible to hybrid learning opportunities. With the shift to online learning due to Covid-19, students with diverse learning needs and risk-factors due to socio-economic status now face increased barriers to learning. Having an adequate number of laptops for individual use would allow our team to better support these students, increase their chances of academic success, and strengthen their connection to school in this unpredictable landscape. Many of our students do not have consistent access to technology in the home, nor is home a supportive space for academic work. For some, school is the only opportunity they have to complete assignments and demonstrate learning. Lack of technology in our classroom significantly limits this opportunity.

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