2020 Holly Elementary: Emergency Food Vouchers

2020 Holly Elementary: Emergency Food Vouchers



Emergency Food Vouchers  $3,500

Holly Elementary is a level 1 designed inner city school in Surrey. With an enrolment of 481 students in grades K-7, 44% of our families are defined as low income, 42% are single parent, and 61% have moved into or out of the neighborhood in the last five years. 57% of our students are learning English as a Second Language and 15% are Special Needs.

Many students at Holly Elementary come to school with little or no food. More than 200 students at Holly are on the school district lunch program. Many Holly families often have very little food at home and students go home on weekends and after school with little access to nutritious food. While we can refer families to the Food Bank, often it is not enough or parents unfortunately will not or cannot access that resource. We would like to be able to provide grocery store gift certificates to those most in need, and in times of crisis directly to families through the school so that we know students will get food while they are at home.

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