2020 Genesis Central: Foods Home Project

2020 Genesis Central: Foods Home Project



Foods Home Project  $5,000

This is a Foods program for students and their families in crisis, in poverty, and with low functioning life skills. This funding will provide them with bi-weekly groceries, kitchen tools, and instructional videos.

To teach the basic life skills of cooking, cleaning and nutrition, the students will prepare meals at home and video or photograph the process, and be fully independent in food preparation and kitchen clean up.

Our plan of action is to choose staple food recipes, provide the groceries and necessary kitchen tools, provide instructional videos appropriate to the learning needs of each student, who are all designated with learning disabilities; as well as provide outreach support for each family. By the end of the school year, our hopes are that each family have the basic food staples, the basic kitchen tools and the basic cooking skills to create family meals today and in the future.

This is an incredible family healing dynamic that could change many lives.

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