2020 Forsyth Road Elementary: Emergency Fund

2020 Forsyth Road Elementary: Emergency Fund



Emergency Fund  $2,500

Forsyth Road Elementary is a designated high needs inner city school in Surrey. With an enrolment of over 325 students in grades K-7, 36% of our families are defined as low income, 37% are single parent, and 56% have moved into or out of the neighborhood in the last five years. 70% of our students speak a language other than English in the home and 12% are special needs.

Many students at Forsyth face daily and complex challenges – lack of food, no transportation, no consistent home base, inability to cover extra costs like school supplies, extra-curricular activities, school social events and the like. School counsellors at Forsyth will use the Emergency Fund to cover emergency costs for food, clothes, transportation, school supplies and extracurricular costs when there is no other way to provide these items to the students. Providing these basics will ensure that students stay connected to school, and focused on learning.

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