2020 Edmonds Community School: Basic Needs

2020 Edmonds Community School: Basic Needs



Breakfast & Lunch programs  $17,383

Edmonds serves a diverse community. Many of our community members are newcomers to Canada. Over 90 percent of our families qualify as low-income. While our community is rich in culture, resilient and generous, we do benefit from support for food security -especially for our children. Our approach to Food Security is as diverse as our school culture. We are even growing food here now. Adopt-A-School has been an essential part of our Food Security strategy.

This project will focus on three areas:

Breakfast Program: We will host the Breakfast Program on 154 days during the school year. We typically have 40 kids attend and will resume breakfast service in the new year, Spring Break & Summer Session. We estimate the cost of a basic breakfast to be $2 per child. Volunteers will offer the program, using pre-packaged foods and COVID Food Safe, to implement all of the food programs included in this application. Food programs will be facilitated in the Cafeteria, where proper equipment, sanitization and setting is available.

Spring Break Lunch Program: We typically host a 4 day program in partnership with SFU Faculty of Education. I estimate that enrollment will be limited to 120 students (we have had over 300 in the past). We estimate the cost of lunch to be $5 per child. Students will eat lunch in their classrooms.

Summer Session Lunch Program: This runs 14 days in July. In-class instruction is offered in the morning and Community Program are offered in the afternoon. The afternoon programs support Physical Literacy & Creativity. We would like to continue to offer lunch for Summer Session. We estimate enrollment to be limited to 120 kids and the cost to be $5 per child. Students will eat lunch in their classrooms.

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