2020 David Brankin Elementary: Breakfast Program and Emergency Fund

2020 David Brankin Elementary: Breakfast Program and Emergency Fund



Breakfast Program and Emergency Fund  $5,000

The breakfast program at David Brankin ensures we meet the basic needs of our most vulnerable students by providing them with a healthy meal to start the day. We have more than 30 at-risk children who come from less fortunate homes and many families cannot afford to put breakfast on the table in the morning. This program intervenes early in at risk students’ educational careers to address poor attendance, lack of skills, feelings of isolation and hopelessness, lack of food and support at home. We know that if students in need can expect a warm, sustaining breakfast every school day that they will be excited and ready to learn and feel a sense of stability and support. Each morning breakfast is served to over 30 students between 7:45-830am and includes: cereal, milk, toast, jam, cheese, yogurt, eggs, fruit and vegetables.

In addition to a lack of food, many students and families at David Brankin face daily and complex challenges such as no transportation, no consistent home base and an inability to cover extra costs like school supplies and extra-curricular activities. School counsellors would use a portion of the funds provided as an Emergency Fund to cover the costs of food, clothes, transportation, school supplies and extra-curricular costs when there is no other way to provide these items to students.

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