2020 Centennial Secondary: Grab and Go Food Program

2020 Centennial Secondary: Grab and Go Food Program



Grab and Go Food Program  $1,000

We have already been doing this for over a year. We have grab and go stations that students can grab healthy foods and drinks on their way to class to grab a quick nutritional boost in the mornings. When we surveyed our students many were not having breakfast in the morning (for many reasons) and we have decided to try and help these students with a small nutritional snack that they then use to boost their ability to learn.

Our Grab and Go program is a breakfast/snack program at the school where we have fresh fruit and healthy snacks in a grab and go environment. The idea is that the fruits and snacks are visible (now we have made it COVID friendly) but the idea is that kids all kids can grab a snack if they are hungry or just need a pick me up to be in the best position to learn. We have found that those students that have some food insecurity at home (especially now with COVID) find this a very easy way to grab a snack without having to come and find an adult to ask. We have a ‘take what you need’ policy and as food security is fluid we know that we truly never know who needs it. Kids respect the philosophy and we find that it has also allowed us to key in on kids that might need some extra support that we did not know about.

We purchase juice boxes, fruit and packed granola bars etc. to make available for our neediest students. Right now this is over 150 students our of 1400 that we have identified as food insecure and the list seems to be growing.

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