2020 CABE: Supporting Vulnerable Youth

2020 CABE: Supporting Vulnerable Youth



Supporting Vulnerable Youth  $35,000

Coquitlam Alternative Basic Education – this project will shift the way we are able to support our students and will provide all of them with essential life skills.

Once our kitchen update is completed (expected Jan 2021), we will be able to incorporate a teaching “Community Kitchen” model and better teach our students shopping, preparation and meal planning techniques to manage independent and family living on a budget while eating in a healthy living manner.

All full time students at CABE will be required to enrol in the Healthy Living course prior to graduation. Components include hands on experiences with shopping on a budget, accessing and using coupons, cooking with intentional leftovers, managing dietary restrictions, healthy baby food, meal planning and recipe choices, Food Safe, as well as clean up and hygiene.

We have a teacher who has been preparing this course and will teach it once the renovations are complete. We have a staff member who has her class 4 licence and we have access to a school bus big enough to practice safe distancing while travelling to and from the grocery store. We have lined up guest chefs who understand our intentions and are willing to donate their time to teach our students some specialty items. Students will learn how to clean up and exercise sanitary practices, especially important in these times.

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