Sir Charles Tupper Secondary: Homework Club Food Program

Sir Charles Tupper Secondary: Homework Club Food Program



The Homework Club at Sir Charles Tupper Secondary School in Vancouver is an after-school program designed to provide homework assistance to struggling students, as well as offer them socialization opportunities through games and activities.

The Club’s Food Program provides quality meals to Club participants twice a week, helping to supplement the nutritional needs of the students, many of whom face financial struggles. 

The program provides healthy food (such as hummus, cheese, sandwich meats, whole-grain crackers and bread) and fresh fruits and vegetables. It also addresses special (and often more expensive) dietary needs (vegetarian, vegan, halal, gluten-free).

Along with the food component, the club is an opportunity for Tupper’s Life Skills classes (for students with intellectual challenges and developmental disabilities) to learn shopping skills by purchasing the food for the program. Other Life Skills students help in the preparation and serving of the food.

The Tupper Community organizers are seeking a $5,000 Adopt-a-School grant for the Food Program, which covers 177 students.

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