Grandview Elementary: Cooking & Reading

Grandview Elementary: Cooking & Reading

Many students attending Grandview Elementary School in Vancouver come from single-parent low-income families. Some have come from unstable family situations, as well as foster care, and Grandview Elementary is working to provide a safe place for students and families in these complex situations though its Building a Strong Foundation for Students initiative.

The school is asking for $10,000 from Adopt-a-School to fund programs that include:

Food security and cooking: This program is for families with limited incomes who often have to choose  between paying the bills or feeding their children. Your generous donation will help fill a pantry of emergency food items for families in need. The school also provides a Let’s Cook Together program to help families make healthy meals.

Reading:  This literacy program provides specialized, individual instruction in reading and writing skills. Funds will purchase 900 sets of books focused on specific letter sounds and vocabulary development. Students will read 50 to 60 different books over the course of a year.

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