Edmonds Community: 3 Seasons

Edmonds Community: 3 Seasons

Edmonds Community School in Burnaby wants to kickstart a new 3 Season Program, which is aimed at providing healthy snacks throughout the school year and nutritional lunches during spring and summer breaks.

Experience has shown school officials that many of its students not only require nutritious food and snacks throughout the school year, but that food insecurity can extend beyond the classroom and into those times when school isn’t in session.

Edmonds is asking The Vancouver Sun Children’s Fund Adopt-a-School program for $13,200 to help:

  1. Ensure our students have access to healthy foods and snacks.
  2. Overcome barriers to participation and engagement by reducing costs and by meeting nutritional needs of students and families.
  3. Foster community building and cultural expression among marginalized communities.

The grant would cover 100 students a week for seven months, including spring break and summer holidays.

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