2020 Wellington Secondary: Food, Clothing & Transport

2020 Wellington Secondary: Food, Clothing & Transport

Food, Clothing & Transport  $5,000

We need funding to provide things children need to be successful in school – access to nutritional food (breakfast, lunch, snacks) and the supplies needed for school. We have students who come to school without breakfast and don’t bring a lunch. We hope to make our vulnerable students lives a little easier so they can focus on learning.

Our high school has students that come from multiple elementary schools in the area. Many of these students were used to meal programs at their elementary school. We plan to provide food items before school (grab and go) for anyone who is hungry and give sandwiches at lunch to identified students. We will put a toaster and bread with peanut butter and jam, fruit and granola bars in areas of the school where we have identified the most vulnerable students.

Some students don’t have the appropriate clothing to attend school. Some students wear clothing that is too small or has holes in it and their parents can’t afford to provide new items. This lack of clothing affects students self esteem and their ability to be comfortable in school. As we are heading into winter we will have students who don’t have a proper coat. They will come to school in all weather, just wearing a fleece hoody, and sit in class wet. If students are cold and wet they can’t learn.

Sometimes our students have to go to appointments off school property and we can’t drive them due to COVID. We need bus tickets for students.

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